10Gbps Wireless Solution is a strong statement to make. Last Mile Gear and NEC are making that claim with the NEC iPASOLINK EX 10G point to point wireless solution. Delivering an incredible 10 Gbps super high capacity E-band (80GHz) radio is of no use without great product and industry knowledge and support, which NEC and Last Mile Gear share. ELVA-1 claims to be the only or the best with their PPC-10G outdoor radio. A fair comparison is only fair when both are invited to compare. We intend to make the argument for the iPASOLINK EX from NEC, available at Last Mile Gear as well as other great performing equipment from NEC. If your looking for a true 10Gbps Wireless Solution for your network then you need to investigate the iPASOLINK EX from NEC and Last Mile Gear.

.10gbps wireless solution better than elva-1

At a glance the iPASOLINK EX offer the following factors:

  • 10Gbps Full Duplex, Pure Packet, High Capacity (80GHz Band)
  • Ideal for LTE Small Cell Aggregation (Zero Footprint)
  • Hitless Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth (QPSK-256QAM)
  • Intelligent Carrier Class L2 Packet Switch (8 Class QoS)
  • Versatile and Scalable Configurations
  • Ethernet OAM (IEEE802.1ag/ IEEE802.3ah/ ITU-T Y.1731)
  • Low Power Consumption (65W)
  • Optional Power Supply (-48VDC / LPoE++)


An overview of the NEC iPASOLINK EX is that NEC’s latest evolution in the iPASOLINK All Outdoor Series is iPASOLINK EX Advanced. This ultra-compact radio communication system utilizes Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth together, enabling 10Gbps wireless throughput capacity in a single channel, while maintaining extremely low latency.

The new iPASOLINK EX Advanced is approximately 30% smaller than the previous iPASOLINK EX model, improving site acquisition and installation costs, while carrying up to three times as much traffic data, with integrated standard 10GbE interfaces. The Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio (AMBR) feature sets this radio apart, with hitless Adaptive Modulation steps from QPSK to 256QAM, along with hitless Automatic Bandwidth steps from 250MHz to 2000MHz. iPASOLINK EX Advanced maintains critical traffic transport even in the most severe and adverse weather conditions. Its Carrier-Grade Ethernet functionality makes traffic management easy, even with advanced features such as 8 Class QoS, H-QoS, Sync-E and 1588v2 (TC) support.

iPASOLINK EX Advanced mounts directly to traditional parabolic antennas, with an integrated flat panel antenna presently in development.

So what are the benefits of 80GHz millimeter wave transport. Well I have just a handful of benefits I have come up with in the process of doing my research.

Availability of Licensed Spectrum — Licensed frequency spectrum is difficult, and sometimes impossible to obtain in highly congested metropolitan areas. The 80GHz band utilizes highly directional, “pencil-beam” signal characteristics, which allows multiple system deployment in close proximity without interference.

Low-Cost “Light Licensing” — The FCC has made it easy to deploy links in the 80GHz band by offering non-exclusive nationwide licenses, followed by coordination and registration on a per link basis through several 3rd party Database Managers. Processing times of 1-2 days is typical!

Small Antenna Sizes — Due to its short wavelengths, the millimeter wave systems achieve high system gain with highly directive transmission using very small antennas, typically either 1 or 2 ft. diameter. The next generation EX Advanced radio will include an integrated flat panel antenna.

Effective Frequency Reuse — The high directivity of millimeter wave antennas creates opportunity to deploy a greater quantity of systems within a given space. The resulting efficiency of “airspace” utilization provides more bandwidth for communications traffic.

Ultra-high Capacity — During favorable propagation conditions, throughput of 10Gbps per channel is achievable. In less favorable conditions, the Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio (AMBR) feature ensures protection for up to 700Mbps of high priority traffic.

The iPASOLINK EX Advanced provides up to 10Gbps capacity in a compact all outdoor enclosure. Furthermore, the iPASOLINK series radios boast industry leading extreme low latency architecture and pioneered the use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) to triple transmitter output power while minimizing energy usage and costs.

 Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio (AMBR)

10Gbps Wireless Solution