Last Mile Gear is the manufacturer of ruggedized, Canopy-compatible Cyclone wireless network gear and is a reseller for other high-quality wireless network equipment. With foresight and innovation, Last Mile Gear has matured into a leading innovator in the wireless internet services provider (WISP) industry.
An exclusive agreement with Motorola in 2002 allowed Last Mile Gear to launch the Cyclone line of products—the Canopy-based access points and backhauls. Since then, Last Mile Gear has developed other successful wireless components and continues to develop and manufacture RF hardware and other state-of-the-art wireless solutions.
The Last Mile Gear team is also committed to providing sound pre-sales information and post-sales support. Its sales channel is established around the best distributors, resellers and integrators in the industry.
Last Mile Gear’s parent company, Cascade Networks continues to operate as a Wireless Internet Service Provider with service along the I-5 corridor in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon. Cascade Networks has grown its business model to include High-Speed internet, fiber optic data services, two-way radio systems, and VoIP and IPTV services.


  • Early 2002: Cascade Networks receives its first Canopy radios for testing
  • Late 2002: Last Mile Gear begins development and testing on the first Cyclone radios
  • February 2003: Last Mile Gear attains FCC Certification for 5.2 and 5.7 GHz radios.
  • March 2003: Cyclone brand backhauls and access points are introduced to the market.
  • September 2006: the first Cyclone Timing Modules begin shipping to customers.
  • June 2008: Cyclone Timing OnBoard ships.
  • November 2008: Cyclone Timing Module Express8 is announced.
  • September 2009: Last Mile Gear gains FCC approval for its 17 dB 900 MHz Yagi.
  • January 2010: Last Mile Gear announces its outdoor solution for the Motorola 7131 access point.
Brian Magnuson

Brian Magnuson


With an extensive background in the wireless networking technologies industry, and a successful history as a five star home builder, Brian has created a strong customer centric company based on his brand of quality and service to the customers. Brian is very active within the community he works and lives in by donating his time and finances to worthy causes and non-profit organizations.

Frank McShane

Frank McShane

Chief Operating Officer

With decades of business experience and many years in corporate officer positions, such as president, Frank has the know how to navigate through the sometimes tricky waters of the wireless networking equipment industry for you and your business.

Last Mile Gear
Jason Petrillo

Jason Petrillo

Presales Engineering & Occassionally Marketing

Jason has been with Cascade Networks & Last Mile Gear since 2004.  Prior to that he worked in Japan for AT&T JENS and Japan Telecom providing services to the US Military communities as well as the Japanese public throughout Japan. When not at his desk Jason is an avid photographer and woodworker.



Tre Owen

Tre Owen

Presales Engineering & Swell Guy

Tre knows many languages and dialects, most of which we do not understand as a language, but he is the finest person to come to with your questions regarding wireless network components and for answers to your most difficult problems. It is rumored that he once was the leader of a French resistance, known across the countryside as “Abeilles a’ miel”. He will not speak of it, but sometimes wears a distinctive hat for regular reunions.


Keith Young

Keith Young

Project Engineer (RF, Security & Cameras)

Keith has been with the company for many years, and has always impressed us all at his care and concern for our customers. Most every customer marvels at his knowledge and expertise in networking, wireless, and surveillance design and support knowledge. On a lesser known fact of Keith, his team mates, in our offices, are always impressed and surprised at his daily ability to appear in a cloud of smoke or vapor, we are not sure which it is. We have assumed there is at least one vampire in his family tree and thus he derives his magic like appearing talent.