We are happy to announce that Baicells and Last Mile Gear are teaming up to sell the Atom R9 indoor and Atom R9 outdoor CPE’s and the Nova R9 outdoor base stations. We are looking forward to see how we will be able to offer great unlicensed LTE solutions to our customers. We are proud to be taking part in the Baicells vision of “Connecting the Unconnected”.

The Baicells Atom R9 Indoor and Outdoor CPE’s (Customer Premises Equipment) offer great reliability and cost savings for both the business network owner and the wireless network customers.  With the atom r9 indoor unit CPE’s 19.5dBi antenna design, you can get signal through the most punishing conditions. Baicells has specifically designed the Atom R9’s to provide the highest gain integrated antenna available on the LTE market to connect your customers anywhere they may be.

The Atom R9 Outdoor CPE’s are created with a wider beam to effectively collect nearby reflection to maximize short-range NLOS connectivity. This is also the most economical CPE available in the current LTE market.

Baicells introduced the Nova R9 Base Station – the most economical LTE solution that uses carrier grade technology to allow operators to increase their market reach. Quickly setup and deploy the Nova to an existing network by simply connecting the power and Ethernet ports. Manage it with an intuitive cloud OMC platform as the Nova R9 continues to optimize the network with SON technology.

The fact is that Last Mile Gear brings a great deal of hands on experience, as a WISP, and product testing in the field so that when we make a product suggestion we know that we are offering the best solution for our customers no matter what. Baicells and the great team of Boun Senekham, Savanah Lancaster, and Patrick Leary have produced and support a excellent cost effective alternative product for entry and support of LTE wireless networks.