Wireless Beehive….

Last Mile Gear has proudly been a Wireless Beehive reseller for many years. Also known as WB Manufacturing.

WB Manufacturing invented the patented Stingerâ„¢ line of antenna products. Our products help WISPs obtain higher performance connections, quicker installations and lower total cost per installation.

A wide variety of tower mounting and other accessories to enable the WISP to deploy in almost any situation are manufactured by WB Manufacturing. Custom steel fabrication and galvanizing is also a service that we provide.

WBM Surge Suppressors are designed specifically for WISP applications. The outdoor models provide LEDs to monitor power supply voltage and subscriber module/access point current. A test jack is provided to connect to the subscriber module or access point without interrupting power. Terminals are provided to inject or extract POE from the CAT5 cables. All models come in an HV version that has a higher Ethernet breakdown voltage for high RF exposure situations. Grounded shielded RJ45 jacks provide grounds to shielded plugs.The APC indoor models are designed to be used with the popular APC surge suppressor 1RU chassis. These devices are designed to protect equipment such as APs and SMs installed in NOCs or other sites where a number of devices are colocated.

Optic Licensed Point to Point

The Optic Series antennas work with all popular ODU/Radios and licensed frequencies. One antenna installation will suffice as the dual pol 5.8 feedhorn can be used as a starter. As link requirements increase, single pol unlicensed radios can be changed for MIMO/ dual pol unlicensed radios. Then as capacity needs increased the unlicensed feedhorn can be changed for licensed use with virtually any brand of radio/ODU or frequency. All antennas include a high performance solid molded radome.
Offset Reflector

These offset elliptical parabolic reflectors enhance the gain of the internal patch antenna of Cambium subscriber modules. Depending on model of SM and frequency, gain increases (above that of the internal antenna) as much as 23 dB can be realized. Reflectors are an absolute necessity when serving subscribers beyond the 4-5 mile range from the access point.

Access Point Antennas

Stinger antennas are a slip fit gain increasing device for Cambium subscriber modules. They couple via a passive resonator through the case of the radio thereby not requiring an electrical connection. Stingers increase the gain of the internal patch antenna from 7 to 12 dB depending on model and frequency. The slip fit interface is a tight mate and has never been recorded as coming off during any type of storm. Stingers are light weight, rugged and inexpensive to use. They are much more aesthetically acceptable than reflector dishes to most homeowners.

Omni Directional Antennas