Cambium cnMaestro™ is a platform that is available in the cloud or deployable on premise, built from the ground up for secure, end-to-end network lifecycle management: inventory management, onboarding devices, daily operations and maintenance. By offering full visibility across the entirety of a network, cnMaestro greatly simplifies management of all network devices.

We have created the Cambium cnMaestro video support page. All of us here at Last Mile Gear see the great value and useability of the cnMaestro product from Cambium as well as the supporting training videos. The videos walk customers through the steps to setup and use the service as well as how to find and create the best value for your Cambium network.

Managing it all with Cambium cnMaestro, & Last Mile Gear.

With the scalability to support 10,000’s of devices, cnMaestro has a full set of features targeted to simplify management of Cambium devices. To create a cnMaestro account, navigate to

  • Monitor
    Single pane of glass to view the entire network
  • Configure
    Preconfigure supported devices so they will be automatically onboarded when provided with network connectivity
  • Operate
    One-click functionality reveals the entire network with visibility via Google maps or floor maps
  • Manage
    Dedicated dashboards for each device, with common and centralized upgrade and device configuration workflows

cnMaestro Overiew

Account Creation

Dashboard Overview

Map Overview

Network & Tower Creation Overview

Network & Tower

Alarm Management Overview

Claiming & Onboarding

Claiming Onboarding Devices

Configuration Templates Overview

Using Configuration Template Variables

Deploying Configuration Templates

Performance & Statistics Overview

Software Upgrades Overview

Trouble Shooting Overview