Cambium Networks’ cnPilot

Cambium Networks’ cnPilot family

Wireless technology continues to advance as users increasingly depend on fast, reliable, and secure Internet connectivity. Last Mile Gear and Cambium Networks provide solutions for high-performing wireless no matter the environment, industry, or the number of network end-users. Cambium Networks’ cnPilot™ product line adds to an already robust portfolio of solutions that enhance connectivity and provide an unparalleled user experience—for both the provider and the end-user. 

Learn how Cambium Networks’ cnPilot products help Cambium Networks Partners maintain their competitive edge through high-performance, reliable, and scalable networks.

Future proof your network with cnPilot Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

Cambium Networks’ cnPilot Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

If you have not already upgraded to Wi-Fi 6, now is the time.  Cambium Networks’ cnPilot Wi-Fi access points support more connected devices at greater speeds while providing best-in-class security. With Cambium Networks’ cnPilot APs, you will receive optimal wireless connectivity for your deployments—even in high-density scenarios. Cambium Networks’ suite of Wi-Fi 6 APs can help futureproof your deployments as your network scales.

Cambium Networks’ cnPilot R-Series Routers

Cambium Networks’ cnPilot R-Series routers provide leading-edge technology at an affordable price. In addition to their robust feature set, R-Series routers allow zero touch onboarding through Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro cloud management system with remote monitoring and network troubleshooting capabilities.

cnPilot R-Series router
Cambium Networks’ cnPilot E-Series

Cambium Networks’ cnPilot E-Series Wi-Fi Access Points

Indoor or outdoor, at home or in a large venue, Cambium Networks’ cnPilot E-series delivers more flexibility and superior performance for your high-density deployments. From the cnPilot e425H Wall Plate (for hotels, MDUs, and other indoor areas that require a wall-mounted AP with multiple Gig E ports) to the highly secure cnPilot e502S Wi-Fi AP for outdoor configurations, the E-series brings a high-speed, high-quality, low-latency connection with or without a license.

Cambium Networks’ cnPilot portfolio of wireless products enables high-performance, high-capacity networks that offer easy installation and advanced management capabilities. Explore Cambium Networks’ cnPilot product line and contact our team of experts to help identify the best products to ensure a high-quality wireless connection for your customers. 

Explore Cambium Networks’ cnPilot products and discover the advantages of becoming a Cambium Networks Partner.

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