Cambium Products Support Videos

Cambium Video Product Support, from the Last Mile Gear team to you. We offer the following Cambium products support videos. If you do not find what answers to your questions please contact our highly knowledgeable team for free assistance at

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ePMP Force 200 How to Assemble

ePMP Force 180 How to Assemble


Empowering Service Providers

Video Surveillance PMP 450

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Cambium Quality

Cambium Reliability


PMP 450 Introduction

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PMP 450 GPS Synchronization


ePMP How to View the Bridge Table


ePMP How to View Station Click Through


ePMP How to View and Change MIR Configuration


ePMP How to Upgrade Firmware on a GPS Sync Radio

ePMP How to Upgrade ePMP Device Software


ePMP How to Back Up and Restore ePMP Devices


ePMP How to Use ePMP eDetect


ePMP How to Configure an ePMP Access Point for GPS Sync


ePMP How to Configure an Access Point Using Quick Start


ePMP How to Assemble Force 110