Campus Wi-Fi Solutions From Cambium Networks

Better coverage, management and scalability with Campus Wi-Fi Solutions from Cambium Networks

College students spend multiple hours each day on the Internet, and they require high-quality and reliable connectivity. Cambium Networks provides campus Wi-Fi solutions that allow students to connect seamlessly throughout campus and across their various devices. If you are looking for an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage wireless solution for your campus, consider the leading-edge technology and expert support at Cambium Networks and Last Mile Gear.

As a Cambium Networks Partner, you’ll gain access to wireless solutions that ensure seamless and continued connectivity across your campus Wi-Fi deployments.

No need to reauthenticate connections with Cambium Wi-Fi solutions

Campus Wi-Fi Coverage

With Cambium Networks campus Wi-Fi solutions, students, staff, and guests receive the most reliable coverage—no matter where they are on campus. By leveraging PTP links within the campus for long-haul connections (500ft), our solutions provide the highest amount of information transfer with industry award-winning throughput. The XV2-2T Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Point enables long-range high performance. As a result, your campus Wi-Fi deployment can cover a large area with significantly less equipment, backhaul infrastructure, cabling, installation, and ongoing maintenance costs.

Remote Network Management

With Cambium Networks campus Wi-Fi solutions, you can minimize the total cost of network ownership with one IP-based wireless network composed of licensed and unlicensed backhaul and access components. These solutions can be rapidly deployed to perform reliably with minimal maintenance costs. In addition, Cambium Networks solutions can be managed and monitored remotely to provide: 

  • Bird’s-eye view of field area network
  • Rapid on-boarding and provisioning of new nodes
  • End-to-end performance and fault management
  • Centralized firmware and software management
Create a more secure network with remote management

Cambium Networks Campus Wi-Fi Details

CriteriaCampus Wi-Fi
TechnologyUses intelligent roaming to maintain network connection across the campus over multiple access points
ProductsE430hNetwork switches
SpeedAble to provide multi-gigabit wireless areanetworks that take full advantage of the capabilities in the WLAN with the 802.11ax standard, Wi-Fi 6.
ReachCovers significantly larger areas in campus networks and public Wi-Fi hotspot applications.
Roll out timeQuick
CostSave costs on equipment, cabling, installation, maintenance, and access rights for outdoor Wi-Fi deployments.

When users lose connectivity on campus, their world stops. Students are unable to access research. Teachers cannot use laptops for interactive learning. Employees lose the ability to collaborate. Labs go dark and communication is interrupted. Campus Wi-Fi solutions from Cambium Networks provide affordable, seamless connectivity across campus deployments.

Learn more about becoming a Cambium Networks Partner and accessing leading-edge solutions and expert technical support for your campus Wi-Fi deployments.

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