Community Involvement

We here at Last Mile Gear believe in community involvement and take pride in supporting our local community and businesses! We have found a few different ways to support our community of Longview, Washington.

The Nutty Narrows

Every city is known for something. Seattle is known for the Space Needle, San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge and New York has the Statue of Liberty. Here in Longview, we’re known for our bridges – our squirrel bridges that is.

The town has come together to build five squirrel bridges so far and even has their own “Squirrel Fest” celebration every summer.  In addition to contributing towards the bridges, Last Mile Gear also has live feed of one of the bridges for everyone’s live squirrel viewing pleasure! (sadly, the camera is currently down but we are working on fixing it!)

More about the squirrel bridges, here:

The Osprey Cam

While Longview loves and is known for the squirrels, it’s also home to a pair of Osprey who nest here every year in the same spot. For educational and research purposes, Last Mile Gear has helped install an “Osprey Cam” for live 24/7 viewing of the Osprey pair and their journey to bring new chicks into the world every spring

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