GPS navigation is timeless and has exploded for the foreseeable future and GPS Timing equipment is at the backbone for proper function.  For thousands of years adventurers, explorers, sailors and other privileged folk have found their way from place to place, and developed entire
cultures, in part, by looking to the stars. Mankind has grouped the stars into constellations to aid recognition and to measure the change of seasons. Using the stars as a measure of place and time is a very old science. History tells us that study of the heavens was developed independently by a number of civilizations widely scattered on the earth. Even today, a prudent navigator will not leave a seaport without a sextant
and the compiled tables and knowledge needed to find the way in the event of a disaster. GPS Timing technology has grown in leaps and bounds and is used for so many more things than finding new worlds, but the equipment needed for all the highly advanced functions needs maintenance and replacement. Last Mile Gear and our GPS Timing experts are here to guide our customers in the best purchases for the best equipment solution for them.

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