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Last Mile Gear is a premier re-seller and manufacturer of commercial wireless networking equipment. We offer the best in customer support and service from pre-sale to follow up on the brands we sell such as Cambium Networks, Axis Communications, SAF , Panasonic, Sony, Cyclone Ruggedized, WB, Redline Communications, Telrad, and more. Last Mile Gear knows the WISP industry first hand. Not only does Last Mile Gear sell wireless networking equipment, we own and operate a wireless internet services company in the state of Washington that covers the southwest region of Washington and Northwestern Oregon. Due to our parent and subsidiary company relationships, Last Mile Gear can offer products and services that include fiber optic data services, two-way radio systems, VoIP, and IPTV equipment and services.

The Last Mile Gear team is also committed to providing sound pre-sales network equipment information and post-sales support. Its sales channel is established around the best distributors, resellers, and integrators in the network equipment industry. An exclusive agreement with Motorola in 2002 allowed Last Mile Gear to launch the Cyclone™ line of products—the Canopy-based access points and backhauls. Since then, Last Mile Gear has developed other successful wireless components and continues to develop and manufacture RF hardware and other state-of-the-art wireless solutions.
When you need great service for your customer’s communications needs, Last Mile Gear will answer the call. When your network is in need of reliability and connectivity, Last Mile Gear has the solutions for you. If you’re responsible for keeping a watchful eye on the safety and security of people or places, then Last Mile Gear has the best equipment and solutions to maintain the balance.