LMG 365 Map

The LMG 365 Map is a great resource If you are looking to deploy gear in the 3650-3700 MHz Range in the United Sates, by now you’ve heard of the Exclusion / Permission zones. The problem we found was that there was no quick, easy way to do a look up a by zip or city name or GPS cord to see where your tower or building was within “the zones”. Also there was no quick way to predict, if you would have to negotiate with one, two or even more Ground Based Satellite Operators, in oder to power up that 3.65GHz gear.

This is our “Free” Solution to the above mentioned problem. We at last mile gear reached out to Get ZIng.com and found this great little tool.
Click on the map of north America below to begin your search.

(Once you click the map below and are taken to the search map, search by city or zip located in the upper right hand corner, click show radius, wait then zoom out a click at time. Enjoy!!!)

north america