Baicells & Last Mile Gear for 2017

We are happy to announce that Baicells and Last Mile Gear are teaming up to sell the Atom R9 indoor and Atom R9 outdoor CPE’s and the Nova R9 outdoor base stations. We are looking forward to see how we will be able to offer great unlicensed LTE solutions to our customers. We are proud to be taking part in the Baicells vision of “Connecting the Unconnected”.

The Baicells Atom R9 Indoor and Outdoor CPE’s (Customer Premises Equipment) offer great reliability and cost savings for both the business network owner and the wireless network customers.  With the atom r9 indoor unit CPE’s 19.5dBi antenna design, you can get signal through the most punishing conditions. Baicells has specifically designed the Atom R9’s to provide the highest gain integrated antenna available on the LTE market to connect your customers anywhere they may be. (more…)

Why the Planet WGS-4215-8P2S wireless switch is Better


Giving your customers wireless surveillance network the power by adding a Planet WGS-4215-8P2S can give them the peace of mind and give your business the growth you need. It is the third time that your customer’s office building has been broken into. They have already invested thousands of dollars into many high-end surveillance cameras and the monitoring system. Yet when they go to the video to identify the culprits, no video. After a few days of tracking down the failure you find that it was two problems with the system. The first problem is that the cameras that had a great vantage point of view of the criminals and the car getting away, were not on the managed system. Next you find that the cameras that were on the system, were not getting the power they needed to operate at proper levels. You better think of something fast and effective. Your boss or your customer is looking for not just answers, but a fix.


You realize quickly that you need a better system of PoE switches for the surveillance network. The switches they currently have are giving the amount of ports needed for every camera, thus making the managed system blind to some areas, as well as not offering the PoE functionality for reliable performance. You can do what the previous manager did and go with a consumer manufactured switch and hope for the best. You always have the option of purchasing an industrial product switch for thousands of dollars and have an overbuilt setup that may or may not work with the existing network system. Then there is the option from Planet Technologies. The Industrial wall mounted managed gigabit Ethernet switch named Planet-WGS-4215-8P2S. (more…)

cnPilot E400 promotion Enterprise Outdoor Special

cnPilot E400 promotion October Special 

cnPilot E400 promotion

cnPilot E400 promotion. cnPilot™ Outdoor is an 802.11ac dual band enterprise grade WiFi access point that offers simplified end-to-end management combined with Cambium’s cnMaestro™ cloud-management solution. cnPilot™ outdoor allows service providers to monetize public WiFi. As a WISP ourselves, we know the importance of expanding our business lines and that goes beyond the residential consumer. The October thru December special is that the end user (customers) can buy 10 cnPilot E400 APs and get 3 additional cnPilot E400 APs free. This promotion starts October 17th and runs through to December 16th 2016.

Questions and answers with Mimosa back in September 2016

Mimosa A5c and more Q&A Video

I came across this video session of a direct questions and answers with Mimosa that was done on September 2016. We have been working with our independent tests of the AP’s from them but we have been pretty happy with the product they are producing and the little hiccups that they have had and address immediately. We just thought it might be something for our customers to see that they did have the grit to come out and have a direct Q&A. If you have question s that are not answered here in the video, give our team a call as we have been dissecting the products and have some tips of our own that might help. I do apologize for such a short post, but i will be back with more soon.

10Gbps Wireless Point to Point 80 GHz Band Solution


10Gbps Wireless Solution is a strong statement to make. Last Mile Gear and NEC are making that claim with the NEC iPASOLINK EX 10G point to point wireless solution. Delivering an incredible 10 Gbps super high capacity E-band (80GHz) radio is of no use without great product and industry knowledge and support, which NEC and Last Mile Gear share. ELVA-1 claims to be the only or the best with their PPC-10G outdoor radio. A fair comparison is only fair when both are invited to compare. We intend to make the argument for the iPASOLINK EX from NEC, available at Last Mile Gear as well as other great performing equipment from NEC. If your looking for a true 10Gbps Wireless Solution for your network then you need to investigate the iPASOLINK EX from NEC and Last Mile Gear.

.10gbps wireless solution better than elva-1

At a glance the iPASOLINK EX offer the following factors:

  • 10Gbps Full Duplex, Pure Packet, High Capacity (80GHz Band)
  • Ideal for LTE Small Cell Aggregation (Zero Footprint)
  • Hitless Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth (QPSK-256QAM)
  • Intelligent Carrier Class L2 Packet Switch (8 Class QoS)
  • Versatile and Scalable Configurations
  • Ethernet OAM (IEEE802.1ag/ IEEE802.3ah/ ITU-T Y.1731)
  • Low Power Consumption (65W)
  • Optional Power Supply (-48VDC / LPoE++)