Mimosa product video

Mimosa product videos are a group of product support videos produced by Mimosa Wireless to support their line of wireless back-hauls. As a re-seller of the Mimosa back-haul line of products, we decided that it was important, and would make it convenient, for our customers to have a place to do their initial Mimosa product research. The Mimosa product video page is also a place to assist the last mile gear customer once they receive their product and want technical assistance to set up and install.


Unboxing B5-Lite

Setting up Cloud Account

Getting B5 Lite Unlock Key

Change IP Address B5 Lite

Unlocking the B5 Lite

B5 Lite setup Station Mode

Setting up B5 Lite Access Mode

Installing B5 Lite

Independent Install Ease

Mimosa Promo

C5i Video