NEC has been contributing to and improving communications networks with its leading-edge advanced technologies for over 60 years and provides unrivaled commitment and expertise. Last Mile Gear has been supporting our customers with the best in technical hands on knowledge for almost 20 years. We also own and manage a WISP in the PNW and thus know what works best beyond theory. We review and test every brand and product that we get in order to assure it meets our working standards before we sell it to our customers, “You”. We are confident in the NEC company and the products that they produce meet our standards that we can sell and support. NEC is one of the longest running suppliers of communications equipment without a change in ownership Six decades of research/development, manufacturing and deployment experience A proven global provider of network solutions, directly and through a network of authorized integrator NEC continues to evolve, keeping pace with the rapid evolution from circuit-switched to packet-based technologies. Our competitive advantage in meeting the ever-changing demands for higher capacity, feature rich, tighter security and end-to-end network management is our market insight and timely research and development NEC’s broad portfolio of solutions and services equips our clients for today’s challenges while preparing for society’s growing need and consumption of information NEC is ready with a wide array of options to future proof your network, all without breaking the bank.