At Last Mile Gear, we are committed to providing the highest quality wired and wireless solutions for your most demanding network needs. As a top Cambium Networks distributor, we have expanded our portfolio and inventory to ensure our customers receive custom solutions that meet unique deployment and budget requirements. Our Cambium Networks Partners receive unmatched network products, tools, and technical support.

As a Cambium Networks Partner, you’ll have access to high-performance network solutions, a reliable inventory, and an expert support team available when and where you need them.

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Benefits Of Partnering With A Top Cambium Networks Distributor

Why should you invest in Cambium Networks’ cnMedusa technology and its 5 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point?

Cambium Networks™ is an industry leader in delivering innovative broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity solutions. Partnering with Last Mile Gear and Cambium Networks offers unparalleled product and service advantages:

  • 100% Channel Focus: Access to leading-edge solutions and the ability to monitor and manage the entire network with the cnMaestro product
  • Seamless Cloud Management: Ability to monitor your clients’ needs and develop custom solutions.
  • Cambium Networks Portfolio: Deliver the most innovative technology to your customers
  • Marketing, Sales, and Partner Support: Available anytime, anywhere, the Last Mile Gear team provides the technical and sales support you need to grow your business
  • Scalability: Cambium Networks’ products allow you to efficiently and effectively extend coverage for your customers
  • Network Futureproofing: Cambium Networks focuses on providing long-term technical viability across our product platforms

Becoming A Cambium Networks Partner

Becoming a Cambium Networks Partner is easy. As soon as your approval is processed, a member of our team will reach out and begin working with you to discover how to best support your specific needs. Simply fill out the application, and you’re on your way to experiencing:

  • A better way to heatmap for multipoint setup
  • Seamless FCC coordination
  • Support from a team of expert engineers who examine terrains, distances, and weather challenges to make the best product recommendations
  • High-quality, innovative, and reliable equipment

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