Last Mile Gear team members have a very good understanding of wireless networks and the PtP components. Traditional point-to-point data link is a communications medium with exactly two endpoints and no data or packet formatting. The host computers at either end had to take full responsibility for formatting the data transmitted between them. The connection between the computer and the communications medium was historically generally implemented through an RS-232 interface, or something similar. Computers in close proximity may be connected by wires directly between their interface cards .

When connected at a distance, each endpoint would be fitted with a modem to convert analog telecommunications signals into a digital data stream. When the connection used a telecommunications provider, the connections were called a dedicated, leased, or private line. The ARPANET used leased lines to provide point-to-point data links between its packet-switching nodes, which were called Interface Message Processors.

In (2003), the termĀ  PtP or point-to-point telecommunications relates to fixed wireless data communications for Internet or voice over IP via radio frequencies in the multi-gigahertz range. It also includes technologies such as laser for telecommunications but in all cases expects that the transmission medium is line of sight and capable of being fairly tightly beamed from transmitter to receiver.

It is of extreme importance that where you purchase your PtP equipment, that you are talking with experts that know the industry they are advising you in, not just order takers. Last Mile Gear’s team of experts only begin with the person that you are talking to on the other end of the phone. Make sure that your PtP equipment orders are being supported by experts, not just being processed.

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