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cnPilot R201, US, 802.11ac dual band Gigabit WLAN Router with ATA

Spec Sheet Home and Business Routers R190 R200 R201

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cnPilot R201, US, 802.11ac dual band Gigabit WLAN Router with ATA

ISP Managed Home Wi-Fi – made easy Cambium’s managed Home & Small Business (HSB) routers are purpose built for Internet Service
providers (ISPs). The HSB router solution makes it easy for ISPs to deliver on their end goal on day 1 of turning on Internet service to
their customers – working internet access that the customer client devices can connect to with ease, raising the ISP’s customer
satisfaction score. And that’s not all! These HSB routers along with cnMaestro management, also assist ISPs get significant visibility to
the indoor home environment with visibility to client device and traffic data, significantly cutting down any support costs and offering
insight into daily utilization and cost of operation

  • Zero touch onboarding: Virtual configuration
    and provisioning prior to install enables a low
    touch cost saving approach to large scale
    device installation and management
  • cnMaestro Controller & Manager: Inventory
    management, software configuration, bulk
    device upgrades and alarms ensure full
    management and operations control of
    customer premises device
  •  ezDetect: cnMaestro’s unique troubleshooting
    feature that saves on truck rolls, enables access
    to device, client connection and traffic data.
    Includes layer 2 packet access and the ability to
    run remote spectrum analysis
  •  Cloud or On-premises (NOC) managed: The
    HSB devices can be managed by a virtual
    software manager that can run locally in the
    ISPs network or in the cloud

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in