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Cambium ePMP 3000L Connectorized Access Point

The ePMP 3000L is a 2×2 MIMO connectorized, third generation, access point. The 3000L emphasizes high-performance in low density point to multipoint sectors while working off of the strong foundation in interference tolerance mechanisms. This versatile AP can be sues in a variety of deployments from 90/120 degree sectors to 360 omni coverage, even narrow sector horns. The Cambium ePMP3000L is also compatible with RF Elements Twistport Adaptor for ePMP. As part of the ePMP line the 3000L using GPS and the ePMP robust software continues interference mitigation techniques with the support of TDD synchronization. This system has a high packet per second performance with a peak throughput of 600 Mbps as well as supporting subscriber modules with 600 Mbps peak throughput.


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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 9 × 1.75 in