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ePMP Sector Antenna – 5 GHz, 90/120 degree Sector with Mounting Kit

ePMP 2000 Sector antenna



Cambium ePMP Sector Antenna 5 GHz, 90/120 degree Sector with Mounting Kit

Cambium Networks has deployed more than five million radios around the world achieving unparalleled degrees of scalability. Based on this vast experience, Cambium Networks has designed an antenna solution that includes the Cambium ePMP Sector Antenna. This line enables network operators to increase the spectral efficiency and scale of their ePMP point-to-multipoint (PMP) distribution access networks. Wireless Service Providers deploying networks in 5 GHz spectrum will find this sector antenna for 90° and 120° applications especially well-suited for high-density networks requiring frequency re-use and wide-band spectrum coverage.


  • Frequency Reuse: Designed for ABAB channel re-use (two channels overing four sectors), the sector antenna has 35 dB front to back ration including a wide aperture in the rear-facing direction.
  • Channel Flexibility: Consistent gain from 4.9 GHz to 6.0 GHz allows the operator to select a channel anywhere in the band and achieve the expected performance.
  • Consistent Coverage: Excellent null fill capabilities of the antenna allow for broad geographical coverage within a sector even near the base of the tower and the edges of the sector.
  • Designed for the Installer: Small compact design, integrated ePMP radio mount and GPS antenna integration
  • Predictable Performance: The sector antenna is integrated into Cambium Network’s link planner

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 6 in