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The 450i Narrow Sector Access Point provides very high gain in a narrow beamwidth for specific applications, such as high site gap coverage or high capacity in a narrow path (urban corridor, down a street).

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Cambium Networks is introducing an addition to the 450 product family called the 450i Narrow Sector Access Points. The 450i Narrow Sector Access Point is designed to provide the full features and performance of the proven PMP 450i Access Point but has the same form factor as the 450i Integrated Subscriber Module (SM). This includes the integrated 23 dBi antenna, which is a 10° 3dB beamwidth.

This product is well-suited to fill in a gap in coverage of the network from a high site or to provide high capacity down a narrow corridor (such as a video surveillance application down a street).

What else do I need to buy to make the 450i Narrow Beam Sector work?
A Power Supply and AC Line Cord will be needed. This device operates with 802.3at compatible devices, which includes the N000000L034A power supply and appropriate line cord from Cambium Networks. A Tilt Bracket for mounting to the pole is also required, N000045L002A.

Additional information

Weight 5.18 lbs
Dimensions 14.57 × 13.39 × 5.12 in