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The cnPilot e700 has operational superiority. The Outdoor AP is weather resilient with a max concurrent client associations of 512. Dynamic VLANs, DFS channels and zero touch provisioning are featured in the unit, making it perfect for the demanding market of outdoor wi-fi networks.

High Performance Wi-fi on the cnPilot e700 has been tested and held to the standards of based beam-forming on 5 GHz over a 4×4 antenna array which can steer beams to the target client device. Enterprise grade controller-less roaming, dynamic channel selection and automatic transit power control are also featured with he cnPilot e700 to gaurentee you a superior wi-fi network.

Wireless Backhaul Integration allows those with the cnPilot e7001 to roll out wi-fi networks rapidly. The aux Poe out-port has the capabilities to create hot spots capable of running an 802.3af security camera.

Resilience Dual on-board Active/Standby memory banks ensure higher availability. The e700 can store two versions of the software and if needed fall back to a working operational software, reducing the likelihood of site visits and increasing network up-time.

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Weight 3.17 lbs
Dimensions 12.4 × 8.5 × 2.6 in