Cambium PTP 450 900 MHz


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Cambium PTP 450 900 MHz

We are excited, here at Last Mile Gear, to discuss the newest Cambium PTP 450 900 MHz back haul radio. At this stage it is in pre-launch stages but we are excited about it for 2016. This unit provides excellent close in and non line of sight penetration. This is especially suited for the needs of rural broadband WISP’s. This unit will also be a great radio that will easily support SCADA and sensor data back haul environments and even the demands of video surveillance. The PTP 450 900 MHz solution is based on the reliability of the industry proven 450 platform. Below are the key features of the PTP 450 900 MHz as we have been informed:

Key features of PTP 450 900 MHz include:

Excellent near and non line of sight propagation.

Up to 130 Mbps capacity in a 20 MHz channel.
Channel Spacing Configurable on 0.5 MHz increments
Frequency Range 902 – 928 MHz
Channel Width 5 MHz, 7 MHz, 10 MHz or 20 MHz
Flexible channel selections of 5, 7, 10 and 20 MHz.
Low power consumption and small form factor.

Available in Cambium Networks LINKPlanner for simple, accurate planning of
capacity and availability.

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