milestone husky M50 dvr

Milestone Husky M50 DVR


Product Description


Milestone Husky M50 DVR is a premium, customizable, rack-mounted solution combining high-performance, robust, industrial-grade hardware and XProtect® video management software (VMS) for advanced installations with sophisticated surveillance needs.

  • Interactive and multi-layered maps provides a graphical overview of the surveillance installation for prompt response
  • Alarm Manager is integrated with the map function for a consolidated overview of security and system alarms
  • Advanced video search tools quickly locate recordings for use as high-quality evidence
  • Multi-channel, two-way audio for message broadcasts or direct communications
  • Automated installation procedures are completed with just a few mouse clicks
  • Automatic camera discovery detects and configures any newly added cameras
  • Unlimited servers maintain system performance as additional devices are added to the installation
  • Scalable as multiple Milestone Husky M30 and Milestone Husky M50s can be connected
  • Remote access to video for faster response to incidents
  • Built-in motion detection
  • Dual, independent, configurable video streams to optimize servers and network infrastructure
  • Premium solution for mixing analog and IP cameras
  • Simplifies analog to IP conversion with integrated encoder
  • Cost-effective—can use existing analog cameras and switch to evidence-quality IP ones when ready
  • Competitively priced
  • Three years of Milestone Care Plus is included
  • Optional RAID storage


Camera channels: 10                                        20                                                   40                                                      80
Dimension:  43(W)x40(D)x8,8(H) cm        43(W)x40(D)x8,8(H) cm       43(W)x40(D)x8,8(H) cm                 43(W)x40(D)x8,8(H) cm
CPU:                  i7                                            i7                                                     i7                                                      i7
Memory on board: 8GB                                  16GB                                              16GB                                                16GB
Storage:              4TB to 8TB                     8TB to 16TB                                   16TB to 32TB                                 32TB to 48TB


 The Milestone Husky M50 DVR is easy to use with three free, flexible interfaces – XProtect Smart Client is the daily client interface for control over the entire installation. XProtect Web Client lets you view, play back and share video on web browsers and computers. Milestone Mobile is for viewing and controlling video from smartphones and tablets.

The Milestone Husky M50 DVR works with the industry’s widest choice of hardware for effective surveillance, including cameras, encoders, DVRs and joysticks. Milestone Husky integrates with a wide range of third-party software applications and together they can help solve all of your video system challenges.

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