SAF Integra-S 11 GHz Band Outdoor Radio


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Product Description

SAF 11 GHz Integra Wideband


The SAF 11GHz Integra-S is a slip-fit full-outdoor radio, offering the high quality and ease of use that customers have come to expect from SAF. Operating in the widely available 11GHz band, it enables you to effectively double or even triple the length of your planned Integra links – a feat made possible by the radio’s excellent Tx power characteristics. Just like other Integra’s the 11GHz model is made from innovative, corrosion resistive materials and boasts industry leading specifications.

SAF Radios have proven themselves over the years to be reliable and durable. Some of the advantages of the new Integra-s 11 GHz wideband outdoor radio are listed below.

  • Super quiet – operation is almost undetectable in most environments
  • Up to 40% improvement in cooling efficiency when compared with other active cooling solutions
  • Low power consumption
  • Design allows for field replacement if necessary (Integra Radio Systems)
  • No moving parts (no fans with ball bearings and lubricants) to create friction and require replacements when worn out
  • Stable performance within a wide temperature range. Designed to exceed the temperature rating specifications of SAF Tehnika radio systems

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Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 28 x 13 in