Siae Microelectronica AGS20 Platform

Product Description

Siae Microelectronica AGS20 Platform

Siae Microelectronica AGS20 universal aggregation platform and Last Mile Gear have come together. The evolutions of the RAN are the main driver for changes in microwave products, like LTE requiring increased throughput and densification of the network, Small Cell and Cloud-RAN. These changes lead to new technologies in microwave industry to improve capacity by using complex modulation formats, dual carrier solutions, using new spectrum (60 GHz, 80 GHz) and to improve network density at street level with NLOS sub 6 GHz. AGS20 is the unique universal aggregation platform to address all these new application segments in a coherent solution. AGS20 is Universal Microwave Aggregation Platform addressing the need for carrier-class multi-technology traffic aggregation.
Based on high performance Carrier Ethernet 2.0 engine (MPLS ready), the platform enables convergence of the major microwave application segments:

Next Generation indoor Unit for split Mount Radio
Aggregation for All Outdoor Radio including E-Band
Gateway handling Small Cell Radio Cluster.

What are the benefits of using the Siae microelectronica AGS20 platform?

A fully flexible architecture from split mount IDU to transport aggregator

Multiple PoE to support and aggregate full outdoor radios

MAB support optimizing packet transport network performances

OpenFlow support, SDN ready solution

SM-OS based.



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