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Augmented Radar Imaging, Inc. Vital Sign Wellness Detector* with Radar, Thermocoupler, IR and Camera. FCC & IC Certified.

*Software Subscription and Sensor Stand not included. Call 866-230-9174 to order a subscription.

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WellnessDetector™ is a connected, no-contact vital sign screening service using multi-sensor, patented and patent-pending algorithms to provide accurate “wellness” readings including temperature, respiratory lung and heart waveforms. All of the unidentifiable data is fed to the HIPAA Compliant WellnessOS™ Cloud dashboard for management, reporting, and advanced ML and AI for comparative and predictive analytics.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate, simultaneous, multi-symptom detection – temperature, respiratory lung and heart function
  • Reduced risk to, and reliance on, staff
  • High-level user privacy – including anonymous screening
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Large scale wellness monitoring and trend analysis

Multiple Sensors – One Detector
By combining multiple sensing technologies WellnessDetector™ is able to detect wellness indicators beyond just temperature. This includes atypical respiratory lung and heart function along with breathing abnormalities.

True Functional Integration
WellnessDetector™ delivers true functional integration of multiple sensing technologies, using multiple patented and patent-pending approaches. It integrates thermal imaging, short range radar and an environmental temperature sensor together with signal processing (micro doppler), deep learning, and fusion modeling to build a remote detection device that is truly unique. For example, it uses radar to determine a person’s exact distance from the thermal imagining sensor to maximize the accuracy of the sensor and normalizes this temperature reading to the ambient room temperature by leveraging the environmental temperature sensor. Similarly, the WellnessDetector™ uses radar to arrive at breathing and heart waveforms, together with pattern analysis and anomaly detection to indicate an aberrant or a peculiar respiratory and heart functionality. This integration allows the WellnessDetector™ to detect a person’s presence to start the screening, to identify the distance from the person to the sensor, to understand whether the person is wearing glasses or a mask, to know the current ambient temperature and to accurately determine a person’s temperature, heart and respiratory readings.

Scale, Security and Integration
WellnessOS™ is a scalable and secure Cloud-based solution with multi-tenant support, tiered data access, customized reporting and live device access for remote screening. Each cloud tenant can individually integrate with 3rd party solutions using customizable APIs.
WellnessDetector™ is a hardened device that only communicates to the cloud via an encrypted VPN connection and can only be accessed remotely for trouble shooting using certificate based SSH.

Additional information

Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 1.81 × 3.68 × 8.27 in