What do most people expect when they think of the concept of customer support?

The reason that business owners, or professionals, purchase products from any particular business is for one of two reasons. The first reason to buy a particular product or service from a certain source is because the price is so inexpensive, also known as, “Cost”. The other reason that anyone buys from a particular source is for the incredible value they give with the purchase, known as “Value”.

If you are buying for the first reason, price, then you usually are willing to give up something and you are fortunate enough that you have a good deal of free time which makes it feasible to shop around for minutes or hours per day. We respect your position and in some areas of business we all price shop in some way. We probably will not be able to help you in your research to find the ultimately low price, but we do wish you good hunting.

Now if you’re the second type of buyer, then you are looking for the best value for the time and product your buying. We believe that we can bring you the best value in your search. The Value we bring to all of our customers are the little things that mean a great deal in the final deal over and over. We have an educated and experienced team of professionals that you will deal with on the phones when you call in or place you order directly online. We also have on staff engineers that are here to help answers questions of design, usability, and planning all in order to ensure that you or your customer are producing a successful product or service that you can count on without worries. We bring to the table great value before, during, and after you buy from Last Mile Gear. If you have questions or concerns at any time we are available to work for you.
At Last Mile Gear we manufacture, sell, and support the finest most reliable products and equipment in the wireless communications industry. Now there is the “value” we bring to our customers.

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