Giving your customers wireless surveillance network the power by adding a Planet WGS-4215-8P2S can give them the peace of mind and give your business the growth you need. It is the third time that your customer’s office building has been broken into. They have already invested thousands of dollars into many high-end surveillance cameras and the monitoring system. Yet when they go to the video to identify the culprits, no video. After a few days of tracking down the failure you find that it was two problems with the system. The first problem is that the cameras that had a great vantage point of view of the criminals and the car getting away, were not on the managed system. Next you find that the cameras that were on the system, were not getting the power they needed to operate at proper levels. You better think of something fast and effective. Your boss or your customer is looking for not just answers, but a fix.


You realize quickly that you need a better system of PoE switches for the surveillance network. The switches they currently have are giving the amount of ports needed for every camera, thus making the managed system blind to some areas, as well as not offering the PoE functionality for reliable performance. You can do what the previous manager did and go with a consumer manufactured switch and hope for the best. You always have the option of purchasing an industrial product switch for thousands of dollars and have an overbuilt setup that may or may not work with the existing network system. Then there is the option from Planet Technologies. The Industrial wall mounted managed gigabit Ethernet switch named Planet-WGS-4215-8P2S.

Instead of applying a band aid of a fix to a robust network of cameras or mission critical machines, it is better to look to the future of the network with the planet technologies industrial strength wall mounted gigabit Ethernet switch. If your customers are relying on wireless surveillance cameras for safety of their business or maybe a college campus, then they need the reliability of planet technologies. Maybe they must rely on a VoIP system that is mission critical and the special PoE management functions of the WGS-4215-8P2S unit include function like PD alive check, scheduled power recycling, PoE schedule, and PoE usage monitoring.

Are you willing to risk your customer’s business or worst yet, your business on low cost consumer grade power switches? What is your network worth? Contact us at last mile gear to answer how we can offer your business networks the most reliable wall mounted gigabit Ethernet for the lowest price that comes with free integration knowledge.